It is the name that the historic rooms of Palazzo Milzetti have assumed, perhaps the most important work among the many accomplished in Faenza by its illustrious architect Giuseppe Pistocchi, who in the last decade of the eighteenth century radically rearranged and changed the appearance of pre-existing structures. The fact that the best neoclassical artists active in Faenza took part in its decoration. The pictorial decoration was undertaken by Felice Giani, who demonstrated, alongside a strong imagination and a noteworthy mastery of painting, an in-depth knowledge of Masonic symbology, while the stuccoes were the creations of the Ballanti Graziani brothers and Antonio Trentanove.
The architectural arrangement of the interiors was completed by Giovanni Antonio Antolini, often rivalling of Pistocchi, especially at the time of the Cisalpine Republic.

The decoration of each room, often linked to a theme from classical mythology, bears witness to the tastes of the time, captured by the Homeric poems (party room, first floor), the history of Rome (Sala di Compagnia, first floor), the Greek-Roman paganism (Cabinet of Love, first floor), and the archaeological finds of Herculaneum and Pompeii (Bathroom, ground floor).

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