Located about 12 km from Imola, Casalfiumanese is the first town of the Santerno Valley, which goes up into the Apennines along Via Montanara, even reaching Tuscany.

Why visit it 

Casalfiumanese is situated on a hill, surrounded by the typical landscape of the Santerno Valley: apricot trees, vineyards and outstanding ancient calanchi, local geological ground formations similar to badlands.

When to go and what to see

The perfect time of the year to visit Casalfiumanese is spring: enjoy the blossoming trees and the nature waking up after winter time. In fall, the mild temperatures are a natural invitation to outdoor activities, such as hiking and mountain biking.

Villa Manusardi Park is a treasure in the town centre: high trees and spontaneous local vegetation create a lovely atmosphere of peace and calm.

Do not miss

A suggested itinerary for outdoor hiking is the Luca Ghini Trail: a panoramic path dedicated to one of the founders of modern botany.

Keep fit

The territory of Casalfiumanese is crossed by Santerno Valley Cycling Path: a scenic bike ride for any kind of cycling tourist who wishes to be surrounded by nature. Santerno Valley Cycling Path is a mixed trail of gravel and paved roads, connecting the plain of Imola area to the Appennines, from Mordano to Castel del Rio.

Main events

Raviolo Fest. End of March
A picturesque event dedicated to Raviolo, a traditional biscuit filled with jam or marmalade, which are thrown to the public from the town tower in the square.


A few kilometers away is Borgo Tossignano with the western entrance to the Gypsum Vein of Romagna Regional Park, with the visitors center La Casa del Fiume. A breathtaking view over San Biagio Ridge.
Around 17 km away there is Castel del Rio, with its Alidosi palace and bridge.

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