Casola Valsenio

The village of herbs anf forgotten fruits

Casola Valsenio, together with Brisighella, is the mountain side of the Province of Ravenna.

Traces of the first inhabitants date back to Prehistoric age. This part of Senio Valley was colonized at the end of the first millennium with the foundation of Benedictine Abbey of Valsenio. In the following centuries, the economic, political and social role moved to fortresses on the hills, such as the Castle fo Casola. It was later demolished in 1216 by Faenza. The ones who escaped took shelter in a closeby borgo, rising on a natural terrace where river Senio merged with river Casola.

After Second World War, Casola Valsenio asset was upset by an exodus of the farmers families towards the plains in Valley and towards the city.

The close connection between the territory and the officinal plants, Lavender before anything else, eased the birth and development of the Herb Garden Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni.

Many cultural events connected to the theme of aromatic and officinal plants liven up the town all year round.

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