Riolo terme

City of waters and history

Riolo Terme is one of the most famous and prestigious centers for thermal baths and curative treatments in Italy. It is located on a small and luch hill, above Senio river.

The old part of the town story begins in fourteenth century, with the building of strong walls around the Fortress. The more recent part extends towards the majestic Parco delle Terme, a perfect “fin de siècle” park.

The name Riolo comes from “Rio Doccia”, a modest watercourse running close to the Fortress. For more than two centuries, the river was called “Riolo Secco”, meaning small dry river.

In 1914, because of the therapeutic characteristics of the waters springs in the surrounding area, the name Riolo dei Bagni was adopted. It was only in 1957 when the thermal station reached national importance and the name of the city was changed in todays’ Riolo Terme.

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