Castel del Rio

Castel del Rio is a small mountain village, located along the green Santerno Valley. On the higher slopes, woods and chestnut trees are the stars.

The center of the village bears the marks of the Alidosi Family’s dominion, with the Alidosi Palace and Alidosi Bridge.

Why visit it 

The small town offers the chance to enjoy nature: chestnuts trees and their fruit (Marroni IGP of Castel del Rio) are protected by a prestigious brand, regulating the production.

The War and Gothic Line Museum offers to the visitor an interesting look at the World Wars, through the recovery of military equipment and weapons, found by the locals in the nearby fighting areas. A wide collection of arms and uniforms is housed here and a small section, “Animal Tower”, is dedicated to local fauna.

The Alidosi Bridge is a unique example of a humpback bridge of particular greatness: it has stood over the Santerno River since 1499.

When to go and what to see

The perfect season to visit Castel del Rio is autumn: the town comes to life with the Chestnut Fest and its food stands, preparing chestnut delicacies. It is also possibile to take part in the chestnut harvest in some areas, but not everywhere.

In summer time, the village offers the chance to escape from the heat: the riverside area, right under Alidosi Bridge, is perfect for resting and bathing in the river.

Keep fit

The territory of Castel del Rio is crossed by Santerno Valley Cycling Path: a scenic bike ride for any kind of cycling tourist who wishes to be surrounded by nature. Santerno Valley Cycling Path is a mixed trail of gravel and paved roads, connecting the plain of Imola area to the Appennines, from Mordano to Castel del Rio.

Main events

Not to be missed are the Renaissance Festival (between June and July), Chestnut Fest (every Sunday of October), Porcino Mushroom Fest (between August and September) and the Truffle fest (September).


Regional Park of Gypsum Vein with the western entrance in Borgo Tossignano.

A few kilometers from Castel del Rio, after parking the car on the road, a downhill path leads to Moraduccio Fall: here, Briganti Rio river falls into Santerno and creates a magical atmosphere. With a short walk, it is possible to reach Castiglioncello, an abandoned village on the hills.

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