Castel Bolognese

Located along the Via Emilia, halfway between Faenza and Imola, Castel Bolognese is an important agricultural and industrial town founded by Bologna in 1389.

In fact, it was an outpost built to defend Bologna territories, and was under control of the city until the end of the XVII Century.

The original city walls were partly destroyed in 1501 by Cesare Borgia, known as Il Valentino, but were immediately rebuilt. Little or nothing of the old walls remain, except for a few tracts of walls, some towers and vague traces of the recently rebuilt ancient fortress.

The archaeological material found in the municipal territory is housed in the “Umberto I Municipal Museum”. This structure also is home to the Pinacoteca where it is possible to admire the works of many Castellan artists.

Castel Bolognese for many years has welcomed among its squares, streets and avenues some important sculptures by Angelo Biancini, creating an open air museum dedicated to the important sculptor from this town.

About 2 km from the center of Castel Bolognese is the Scodellino Mill, the last standing example of a series of mills built in the 1400s along the canal from which they got their name.

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