Olive Oil Open-Air Museum

Olive Oil Open-Air Museum in Brisighella is one the most recent actions for the valorization of centuries-old Olive Tree heritage of these lands and the full production cycle: from taking care of the plant to the selling of the final product.

Brisighella and its surroundings keep the secrets of cultivating Olive trees since Roman times. Olive oil produced here presents unique characteristics, thanks to the production processes, millennial knowledge and geological features of the soil. For all these reasons, Brisighella olive oil is one of the most famous and precious in Italian scenery.

The Museum is an outdoor “Path of Olive Oil”, developing along the streets that are enclosing the oldest olive trees patrimony in Brisighella. At the same time, the most modest site of olive processing and oil production: the Social Olive Oil Mill, by Cooperativa Agricola Brisighellese (C.A.B.)

The path articulates in seven stops. Each of them is signalled by a niche, presenting notions and information about the Brisighella Olive Oil and the features of the lands crossed by the itinerary.

When visiting the Museum during the harvest, typically happening in November, it is possible to see “brucatura”, traditional hand olive harvesting.

The suggestion is to visit the Museum with the “Guide to Olive Oil Open-Air Museum”, available in Brisighella Tourist Office.

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