The Associazione Torre di Oriolo was founded in 1995 by a group of farmers, restaurateurs, artisans and traders from the hills of Oriolo dei Fichi (a district of Faenza), with the desire to enhance the historical, naturalistic and cultural heritage of the territory. The association is based in the Torre di Oriolo and manages tourism promotion.

In addition to guided tours of the tower, the association organizes events in the surrounding park: village festivals and rural festivals, historical re-enactments, traditional festivals with music, fireworks, songs and dances.

When there are no scheduled events, we suggest a tour of the cellars and restaurants of our hills, to discover the wines and flavors of traditional Romagna cuisine. Because history and nature must not only be seen and known, but also savored.

La Torre di Oriolo dei Fichi

Located on the hill of Oriolo dei Fichi, one of the most evocative viewpoints of Faenza, the Torre di Oriolo is what remains of an ancient castle and medieval village. Built in the late 1400s, it has passed through the centuries and the many wars that it was involved in. The last of which was World War II, when it sheltered about eighty civilians fleeing from Faenza and was also chosen by the Germans as a territorial garrison.

Since 2004, following a careful restoration, the Tower is open to the public..

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