Gypsum and river in Borgo Tossignano

Easy hike. Recommended clothing: comfortable shoes. 
Length: 5,2 km. Difference in height: 50 m.
Start: Casa del Fiume Visitors Center

From Casa del Fiume Visitors Center, follow the river up to the bridge in Via Rineggio. On the left, the remains of a Bailey Bridge from World War II. Reach a flat area where are exposed pieces and machinery used fot gypsum extraction in the area. Carefully cross Via Monatanara and move towards the town centre (Via Alba Rabatta, Via Venti Settembre, Viale Torino, Viale Marconi, Via Marconi e Via Roma) find the stairs by the left side of the bridge and follow the river on Lungofiume area. Beautiful views will open up until you’ll meet Bailey Bridge again. Take Via Rineggio and follow the street until Casa del Fiume.


To do

In Casa del Fiume (2) are available many didactic experiences and events for families or small groups. Guided trekking or excursions are a unique way to discover Regional Park of Romagna Gypsum Vein.


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