Casa del Fiume Visitors Centre

Casa del Fiume is a Visitors Center for Regional Park of Gypsum Vein, located in a old colonic house, remodeled in 2008.

The Visitor Center presents a front-office area, a multifunctional room and 3 hectares of lawns and woods in Santerno river area. Around Casa del Fiume, there are pic nic tables and themed playgourounds. It is also possible to take part in many activities. A permanent Orienteering path, a MTB PumpTrack, the didactic-geological path “Gipsy and the magic of Time” and Nordic Walking courses.

The Visitor Centre is also a good starting point for a nice hike up to the top of Monte Penzola, the highest mount in Western Gypsum Vein.

For schools

Didactic activities of Casa del Fiume focus on the study and divulgation of the river ecosystem, through workshops about life in water and environmental education. Many are the offers dedicated to primary and secondary schools. Teachers can ask for dedicated offers, activities and workshops.

“Gipsy and the magic of Time”

“Gypsy and the magic of Time” path is a round trail in the nature around Casa del Fiume area. Children and teenagers learn about how the mountains were formed and the geological evolution of the landscape over the last 15 million years.

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