International Racetrack Enzo and Dino Ferrari

At the end of the 1940s, the idea of ​​a raceway in the hills of the city of Imola was born. The dream of a permanent track built initially for the motorcycle races that cut through Imola hills in the early decades of the twentieth century. A dream of four enthusiasts of motorsports from Imola shared and the dream of Checco Costa, which became a reality on March 6, 1950 when the first stone was placed at the Imola racetrack.

Officially opened on April 25th, 1953 with the Coni Grand Prix – a motorcycle race for the 125 and 500 Italian championships, it immediately became the setting of the most important international motoring events. In 1963, it had already brought F1 to Imola in part thanks the commitment of Enzo Ferrari, who since 1952, had been following the official testing of the track. He went on to call it “a small Nurburgring” and the track would later bear his name in 1988.

It currently hosts the Italian round of World Superbike Championship, as well as many other world-class motorcycle and car races. It is one of the few counterclockwise tracks.

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