Garden of the Herbs “Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni”

Inaugurated in 1975 and named after its founder Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni, the Garden of the Herbs in Casola Valsenio was designed with the purpose of preserving and cultivating plants of medicinal and aromatic interest. Owned by Emilia Romagna Region and entrusted to the Municipality of Casola Valsenio, it is part of the Museum circuit of the province of Ravenna.

In its terraces with a splendid view of Romagna Gyspum Vein, are cultivated about 450 species of medicinal plants used in cooking, medicine and cosmetics. Their cultivation is done according to the tradition of the monasteries where, since the early Middle Ages, these plants have been grown in the gardens and in the “workshops”. The Garden of the Herbs is a center of knowledge of medicinal plants, thanks to activities ranging from research and teaching to divulgation and experimentation, involving experts and visitors of all ages.

The Garden is open to visitors during the day, respecting the structures and cultivated parcels. But if you really want to experience the world of medicinal plants through touch and smell, book a guided tour or a workshop and go through the Fragrances Galley or enter the Chamber of Wonders.

And do not leave without visiting the Emporium or buying some plants. In your garden or on your terrace, its frangrance will bring you back to this special place.

For further information, visit the website.

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