Clock Tower of Brisighella

The Clock Tower of Brisighella rises on one of the three hills of the medieval village.

Maghinardo Pagani from Susinana, one of the most famous Captains in Romagna history, wanted to build a fort in 1290 with squared blocks of gypsum, with the purpose of having an overview of the nearby Baccagnano under siege.

Until 1500, it made up the defensive system of the inhabited center, toghether with the Fortress.
After being damaged and rebuilt several times over the years, the Clock Tower of Brisighella was completely rebuilt in 1850 and in the same year a clock was also installed. The clock face presents only six hours, according to the Italian time system used until Napoleon age.

The top of this hill is a vantage point to admire the village, the gypsum and the badlands (formation of blue clays).

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