Valmaggiore Church stands between Castel del Rio and Casola Valsenio, on the crest betweern Santerno and Senio valleys.

Bits of history

Toponym “Valmaggiore” might be originated by a guarding tower from Roman times (valle major). The same name remained until Middle Ages, when on the hill a small castle and a town were built, around 1265.

The small village and the church are also known because of an happening dating back to October 19th, 1506. On this day, Pope Julius II, travelling from Palazzuolo sul Senio to Bologna (to defeat Bentivoglio family), crossed Valmaggiore. Documented by a plaque on the façade, the story was preserved up to today. It is said the Pope was travelling riding a white she-mule, beautifully adorned and followed by a parade of Cardinals and soldiers.

Another moment in history was important for the church and surrounding territory: World War Second. Durind 1944 fall, German soldiers, partisans and Allied regiments were protagonists of Monte Battaglia historical battle. Valmaggiore was the scenery for the short settlement and transit for over ten thousands soldiers.

The feature that makes the church attractive for the visitors is the glass roof, covering the nave. An important restoration in 1997 saved the church from decline.

Valmaggiore church, as we see it today, was restored in 1828 with special attention for the altars. The first construction seems to date back to XI century.

Trekking and hiking

Valmaggiore church is located along 701 CAI trail and it is possible to reach it with a hike from Prugno pass (or Monte Battaglia, the trail is the same) or from Castel del Rio, following 707 CAI then 701 CAI trails. It is a perfect destinations for a trekking: especially 701 CAI trail from Prugno pass, which develops on the crest, is apt for all kind of hikers. Starting from the pass, you will find Monte Battaglia first, and after a couple of hours from the beginning, you will reach Valmaggiore, connecting two important points of interest through a lovely hike.


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