Erbacci group obtains “3 Star” quality from Lufthansa City Center

An important and prestigious recognition, unique in its kind up to now in Italy, is given to the Erbacci Group of Faenza, partner of “IF – Imola Faenza Tourism Company”.

The Lufthansa City Center circuit, an international network made up of 650 travel agencies under the Luthansa brand worldwide, has given the “3-star Lufthansa” to the Erbacci group.

This rating identifies and recognizes the agencies with the highest level of excellence for quality of offers and customer services. The quality certificate awarded by Lufthansa to the agency is based on very specific and selective parameters (layouts, investments in sales points, etc.) and focuses on analyzing is the completeness, effectiveness and efficiency of the services made available to the customer, and therefore its quality.

This recognition comes after many important milestones were achieved in 2015 and 2016 by the group from Faenza. For two years in a row, despite whatever happened in Italy, the team led by Giorgio Erbacci won the Green Award from Lufthansa City Center.

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