Romagna Shallot PGI

Romagna Shallot PGI

Romagna Shallot PGI should not be confused with French shallot, way more popular in supermarkets. Romagna Shallot is a typical product of Ravenna province, more precisely in Riolo Terme Municipality.

It is part of the large Liliaceae family and it grows into a beautiful white and violet small bulb. This produce does not have flowers or seeds: reproduction can only happen by planting previous year bulbs. Romagna Shallot is a fully organic product: its natural growth and peculiar flavour, half way between onion and garlic, does not need any chemical fertilising.

Reasearcher and historians traced the story of “Allium Ascolanicum” in ancient classic texts and dated its knowledge since Roman times. In 1997, Shallot was awarded with PGI mark, which defined its residency in this small piece of Romagna.

Its color suggests artistic creations in summer starter dishes or stronger autumn dishes. It is ideal in the preparation of ragout or side dishes, in oil or pickled.

In order to discover and export the knowledge of this local produce, Riolo Terme Pro Loco organises every year in july Romagna Shallot GPI Fest.

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