The town
Casalfiumanese is the first village travelling along the Santerno valley. To access the center of the city, visitors cross an arch at whose side is the Civic Tower. Arch and tower were damaged during II World War and underwent major restoring and rebuilding works. Their original Medieval structure is still preserved. The name Casalfiumanese derives from the combination of “Casale” (castle) and “fiumanese” (related to a river or water stream), due its proximity to Rio Salso. The origins of this municipality, rather modest in terms of population but very large in area, date back to the 11th century. Ancient name of the village, which largely traces the current one, was Castram Casalis Flumanensis. It is an ideal starting point for exploring Santerno Valley, to hike along Luca Ghini Hiking Trail or to enjoy a lovely walk in the nature of Villa Manusardi public park.

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Ciclovia del Santerno – Santerno Cycle Route is 44km long: a cycle route along Santerno Valley, from Mordano to Castel del Rio.