The Circuit of the World Cycling Championship 2020 and Italian Championship 2021, held in Imola, are now a permanent route for cycling lovers.

The Roads of Cycling World Championship 2020: 28 km of breathtaking landscapes among vineyards and wineries, up and downhill from Mazzolano to Gallisterna, brought to popularity thanks to the incredible TV images. Right after a few days after 2020 UCI World Cycling, thousands of people got together in the territory to test the route of the race won by Alaphilippe.

The Circuit starts and arrives in Imola, moves to Bergullo and up to 234m of altitude in Mazzolano peak, in Riolo Terme area. Then a second climb up to 268m of Gallisterna and then downhill to Enzo and Dino Ferrari Racetrack.

The permanent circuit, named the Roads of World Cycling 2020 is open to all cycling lovers and enthusiasts, with signs telling a story about territory and cycling starting from Adorni’s victory in 1968 up to this day. 

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