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The city of the miraculous healing of Barbarossa

Medicina derives its name from the Latin noun medicina “place where you get medical care”.
The presence of pre-Roman settlements in the area has been verified through archaeological digs. Medicina’s location in centuriated Roman countryside is suggested by the centuriation systems still visible. The cardo and the decumanus cross in the historic center near the civic tower.

The name ‘Medicina’ appears for the first time in a document from Ravenna in 1885 with the territory east of the capital being called Medesano. The ancient legend of the foundation traces the name of “Medicina” to the miraculous recovery of Emperor Frederick I of Swabia, called the Barbarossa. He fell ill in the area and was healed thanks to some broth in which a snake had accidentally fallen. To show his gratitude, the Emperor called the land “Medicina” and bestowed it with special privileges, defending its autonomy from Bologna and expanding its territory.
This legend is reenacted during the “Festa del Barbarossa” which is celebrated every year. The third weekend of September, the city becomes shrouded in an atmosphere of ancient times.

When walking through the streets of the old city, one finds many churches and towers designed in the Baroque style. There are also noteworthy villas and palaces such as Palazzo Prandi. In its districts, covered by waterways, are wetland valleys, basins and ponds. These places have both a unique historical-environmental value in the Bolognese plains and an important economic, cultural and touristic role in further development. One of the most important is the natural Oasis of Quadrone, with paths, observation points, educational museum and reception center.
In Frazione Fiorentina, the Radiotelescopio Croce del Nordis located.


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