Lungo Sillaro Park and Lake Scardovi are green oasis where visitors an seek peace and silence, a few steps away from Castel San Pietro Terme.

Lungo Sillaro Park

Lungo Sillaro Park has an area of 4000 square meters and is home to many plants, some centuries old, with evergreens and gardens.
An ideal place, especially in summer, to seek refuge from the heat and muggy weather.
Inside the thermal park there is a spring where the guests can go for treatments. There is also a wrought iron gazebo made by local master Natale Salieri.
It is private property, however, there is free access to the public and hotel guests during the day.

The Little Lake Scardovi

In front of the Thermal Baths Park, you can visit the beautiful Scardovi lake, inhabited by birds from the valley and beautiful swans.

More than 120 waterfowl live permanently in the Lake Scardovi in Castel San Pietro Terme, one of the most beloved places by locals and visitors.

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