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In the Land of Motors

Imola, the ancient colony of Forum Cornelii, sat in an area already densely populated in prehistoric times.
The plan of the city still shows its Roman roots in its layout. We can still see the decumanus (via Emilia) and the cardo (via Appia-via Mazzini) in which the forum stood.

Between the 1300s and 1400s the Alidosi, Manfredi and Visconti families took command of the city.
In 1473, the city was passed into the hands of Caterina Sforza and her husband Girolamo Riario. Those were the years of a brief but intense renaissance for the area.

From 1504 until the Unification of Italy, aside from the Napoleonic period, Imola was part of the Papal States. These were the years defined by the great eighteenth-century works.
After the Unification of Italy, in 1861, the city successfully developed the cooperative system of governance which has since been a fundamental element of its economic and social life.

Imola was a major participant in the struggle for liberation during the Second World War in part due to its the proximity to the front in ’44 & ’45. The city was later awarded a gold medal for military valor.

In the 50s the city began to expand starting with the construction of large suburban neighborhoods and the artisanal and industrial area.
It is known all over the world for its racetrack dedicated to Enzo and Dino Ferrari.

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