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One of “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful villages in Italy)

The historic center of Dozza, with its characteristic spindle shape, is located on the ridge of a hill that overlooks the valley of the Sellustra, gently towards the Via Emilia.
The original building dates back to the Middle Ages. It has remained safeguarded and free from strident interventions. The close symbiosis between the imposing fortress at the apex of the village and residential settlement below convey the harmony between nature and human intervention.

The village is accessed by an arched gateway from 1614. Opened in Rivellino, a three-fifteenth-century work of defense with a round plan and now partially buried, along with the entire drawbridge.

Today the village still contains the two parallel streets that end in the clearing of the Rocca.

The Enoteca Regionale dell’Emilia Romagna is located in cellars of the Rocca.

The “Muro dipinto” (painted wall)

The center of the village is an open-air museum.
Over 90 works by great artists have decorated the facades and walls of its houses.
Since 1960, the “Muro Dipinto” Biennial has been organized, an event that comes to the village in September.
These works make Dozza a unique place to visit.

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