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Medieval hamlet

The town of Castel Guelfo is located at the far end of Imola’s district. It sits on a strip of land on the left bank of the Sillaro river.

The medieval village was built around 1000AD as a defensive bulwark for Medicina by Guelfo VII of Bavaria, husband of Matilde di Canossa.
The community dates back to the early Middle Ages. At the beginning of the XIII century, the Bolognese government managed to assert its power over the area after years of disputes with Imola.

The progressive crop planting by the bourgeois of the city, during the 13th and 14th centuries, led to the Malvezzi family being named counts of Castel Guelfo in 1458.
It was under the Malvezzi that major development took place around the city such as, the construction of the city walls and the erection of the four circular towers. Today the towers are still visible at the corners of the perimeter of the castle today.

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