Castel Guelfo is located in the Bologna flatland, a few km away from Castel San Pietro Terme (10km) and Imola (13km).

Why visit it 

A medieval borgo wanted by Bologna, in a moment in history when Bologna the Guelph and Imola Ghibelline were fighting for the possession of this border area.

The historical center still reflects the late-medieval structure. The access to the triangular square is through walls and towers.

Do not miss

Walking along the main street are historical buildings, such as Malvezzi-Hercolani Palace, with a precious courtyard and double portico, and Cassero, the original gate to enter the town.

Main events

On the last weekend of June “Sagra del Vino e della Ciambella” (Cake and Wine festival) enlivens the city with events and food stands. Do not miss out on the typical local delicacies.

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