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The village of Castel del Rio was built following the first settlements of Lombard families in the area. They came to take refuge in the area from the 6th and 7th centuries to escape the barbarian invasion.
In the 10th century, the castle of Cantagallo was built to defend against the Hungarian hordes who were advancing in Romagna. Its ruins can still be seen today,.
The history of the village is deeply intertwined with the Alidosi family, which dominated these lands for over 400 years.
The fief then called Massa di Sant’Ambrogio was granted to the Alidosi family in the 13th century through imperial privilege.

Many famous people were members of the family like Riccardo, captain of the people, mayor of Florence and eventually senator in Rome and Francesco a cardinal in 1505, a man who had the ear of Pope Julius II who had appointed him Treasurer of the Church.
The Alidosi had close ties with the Republic of Florence, this is demonstrated in the family coat of arms, which shows the Tuscan Lily on the breast of the griffin.
While being remembered for its harshness and ruthlessness, the family nevertheless left an important mark the cultural heritage on the city through the construction of the Palazzo and Alidosi Bridge.

The area

In the high slopes of the surrounding hills, the coppice and chestnut trees flourish. The Castel del Rio chestnuts are protected by an exclusive brand. Their cultivation is protected and promoted by a Consortium of the main growers.
There are also trails for trekking and mountain biking that allow you to experience this pristine and lush territory all year round.
There are many events that animate the historic center every year: fairs, festivals and renaissance festivals.

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