Natural oasis at the gates of Imola

The Bosco della Frattona is located in the hills of Imola, a short distance from Tozzoni Park.
It is located for the most part in the area near Rio Correcchio.
Established in 1984, its name is derived from the term “fratta”, a place covered by brambles and other thorny shrubs.

It is an Oriented Nature Reserve which means it is a protected area where agricultural and agricultural interventions are not allowed, provided they do not conflict with the conservation of natural environments and have a surface of 19 hectares.

The area is included in the “yellow sands” of Imola zone. They are a collection coastal marine deposits that accumulated along the edge of the Apennine mountain rage just a few million years ago.
The marked route mainly explores the central part of the forest. You can discover the great variety of shrubs and a very rich undergrowth. Do not miss the spring blooms.

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