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At the center of the Alta Valle del Santerno

Borgo Tossignano, founded in 1198, stands at the center of the high Santerno Valley amid the imposing gypsum chain.
The municipality consists of two areas: Borgo, at the bottom of the valley, the site of Villanovan findings, which became a municipal capital. And Tossignano, which was built around the remains of a feudal castle. Today, it is the natural starting point for exploring the Vena del Gesso.

La Vena del Gesso and the Santerno River are the elements of the landscape that have played a major role in the historical events of area and which still give it, its a unique environmental attraction today.
Its gastronomy is also noteworthy. Do not miss the traditional celebration of Mardi Gras during the Festa della Polenta and the Sagra dei Maccheroni

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