Tamburello Corner

The Ayrton Senna Memorial is  a monument dedicated to the great Brazilian driver.  It was located in Acque Minerali Park on 26th April 1997.

Created by the artist Stefano Pierotti (from Pietrasanta, in Lucca province), it is situated at the Tamburello corner, where Ayrton met his destiny during 1994 San Marino GP, on 1st May.

This corner celebrating the memory of Senna has become a pilgrimage destination for Ayrton’s fans and F1 lovers from all over the world. The net dividing the track from the park is covered in flags, photos, messages and memories from fans.

The Info Point by IF, in the Tourist Hub of the racetrack, will provide the map of the racetrack for a visit of the Park discovering the views over the track.

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