Alidosi Bridge has stood over the Santerno river in Castel del Rio for more than five hundred years. It was built in 1499 by Mastro Andrea Gurrieri from Imola and commissioned by Obizzo Alidosi.

It performed two functions: it symbolized the power of the family and facilitated the connections between the two shores during a time when the bridges were quite rare.
The construction lasted for more than twenty years and led to the increase of the commercial movement in the Santerno valley.
For structural reasons, five rooms were built inside, which allowed the guards to collect tolls and keep prisoners.
It has a “schiena d’asino” humpbacked structure, with a single 42-meter arch.

It underwent several restorations: the first in 1642, then in 1698-99 and in 1725 after being damaged in an earthquake.
Finally, it was fully towards the middle of the last century.

On November 20th, 1897, due to its unique characteristics, it became a national monument.


The recent renovation of the rooms, turning them into exhibition space, done by the municipal administration with the contribution of the Gal Appennino Bolognese and of the external structure, have returned to Alidosi Bridge its former glory and restored its symbolic historic value.

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