Start: 18 April 2022
End: 18 April 2022

Event Venue

Fontanelice (BO)

GPS: 44.2580508, 11.5578565

64th edition

Piè Fritta festival, for more than 60 years in the town of Fontanelice Easter Monday is celebrated the famous fried piadina bread.
All day long, a food stand delights the visitors with the original recipe of pie’ fritta. A perfect balance of flour, water, salt and lard. The city center is animated with markets, local dances and performances.
As the tradition says, the afternoon is the moment for the Palio dei Somari, a donkey race. The animals are presented to the public, each representing a “rione” of the town, while the race takes place in the sportsgrounds.
An original and tasty way to celebrate Easter Monday.

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Food and Wine


The area
The origin of Fontanelice, like that of other inhabited centers in the Santerno Valley, has prehistoric…