This itinerary starts right in the heart of this thermal town, at the foot of the greenest hills of Sillaro and Santerno Valley.

While entering Castel San Pietro Terme town center, it is impossible to ignore the imposing presence of Cassero: symbol of the city, this ancient fortification today hosts the Municipal Theater. Once crossed the arch, narrow streets and portici will naturally lead the visitors to the living heart of this “Città Slow”: Square XX Settembre. This wide and curated is animated by markets and art installations all year round. During Christmas time, lights, decorations and nativity create an evocative atmosphere.
Overlooking the square, are the City Hall and Crucifix Sanctuary, which encloses an important part of history and traditions in Castel San Pietro Terme.
Moving towards Via Castelfidardo, very close to the square, and walking along it, it is possible to take a look at the remains of the ancient walls, that used to protect the town center: when at its peak, the defensive system could count on many walkways over the walls.

Il Cassero

After exploring the town centre and its history, shops and restaurants, it is time to move for a walk in the nature. The high quality of life in Castel San Pietro Terme is not only due to the Thermal Baths, but also thanks to wide areas where nature is the protagonist. A few steps away from the center, is Lungo Sillaro Park: its century-old trees and flowing waters makes it a lovely place to enjoy some peace and tranquillity.
Another small “oasis in town” is the Angels Garden: this beloved park was born to commemorate the early passing of a young girl from Castel San Pietro Terme. Today, it is the celebration of life: thanks to the great efforts of a group of volunteers, the spring bloomings are truly spectacular.

In a town where the good living represents the fil rouge guiding the community development, great attention and importance is clearly reserved to safeguarding local gastronomic excellences: National Honey Observatory is located in Castel San Pietro Terme; many are the winemakers who chose these rolling hills for their vineyards to root, while in the close district of Varignana, the excellence is the “green gold”, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This constant search for the good living transformed Castel San Pietro Terme into a wellbeing paradise: the famous Thermal Baths offer therapeutic paths thanks to the waters springing from Fegatella Spring, great attention to relax and wellness, with specialized treatments, massages and SPA.

To close the day in Castel San Pietro Terme, why not getting back to the green? The 18-holes green of Le Fonti Golf Club, where enjoying the fresh evening experiencing something new.

Spring is probably the best time of the year to visit this territory, flowers and smells will fill up the air and events liven up the city streets.

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