The Riva dei Cavalli is an important site of geological and naturalistic interest of the municipality of Fontanelice.

The site consists of an imposing sub-vertical escarpment with a height of about 150 meters. The layers forming the Marnoso-Arenacea Formation emerge at its surface. This rock formation is characterized by the alternation of powerful layers of sandstones and marl ranges, deposited on the bottom of the ancient Miocene sea basin, once overlooking the Apennine range.

The “Riva dei Cavalli” is included in the Regional Catalog of Geosites of local interest. In addition to its scenic appearance, it shows an outcrop of a structure of an ancient submarine channel easily distinguishable and recognizable. The vertical arenaceous embankment that makes up the shore was formed in more “recent” times due to erosion and etching from the Santerno River which allowed the rocky layers to be exposed which, today, take on a spectacular “amphitheater” shape that dominates this portion of the valley. Corresponding to the stretch where the Riva dei Cavalli emerges, the Santerno River has a typical meandering path which creates favorable conditions for bathing in a unique setting.

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