Artistic path through sculptures of the Master

The Angelo Biancini Open-Air Museum was founded in 1995.
The municipality has welcomed among its squares, streets and avenues important sculptures of the artist born in 1911 in Castel Bolognese.
Many bronze works that decorate and beautify Castel Bolognese represent the ideal path through Biancini’s art history. They retrace his artistic evolution from the ‘30s until his death.

Walking through the city, it is possible to admire statues that blend in among the trees of the avenues. The works embellish the central square and the sculptures mark the gates to the village.
Thanks to the numerous works, Open-Air Museum Angelo Biancini is an artistic journey that involves some of the liveliest spaces in the area, such as the accesses to the historic center, the square and the loggia of the Town Hall, the church of S. Sebastiano.
The bronze tree of life (monument to the fallen clearing the mined fields), the derelicts (monument to the civilian victims of war) in the courtyard of the Town Hall, the panel in memory of Armando Borghi, that today is flanked by many new works, some of which are representative fundamental steps in the artist’s journey.

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