After first being arranged in the red apartment, inside the hall of honor and the gallery, the collections underwent an important process of reorganization and restoration during the early nineties of the twentieth century.

From 2000 to today the Diocesan Museum has further expanded its exhibition space through the restoration and opening of the rooms of the green apartment: it contains the liturgical textiles (15th-19th centuries), the numismatic collection (9th century) -XXI), works of contemporary sacred art and the new path dedicated to domestic terracottas (18th-19th centuries). The eighteenth-century Morellian salon is used as a conference room.

In the Museo-Pinacoteca, the second Italian ecclesiastical museum after the diocesan of Bergamo, more than 2,000 pieces are on display (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, goldsmiths, illuminated corals, furnishings, textiles, coins, medals, etc.) dating between the 19th and 21st century.

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