Discover Santerno Valley, nestled between calanchi and the river, among fruit trees and olive groves, an itinerary in Gypsum Vein Regional Park. From Casa del Fiume Visitors’ Center (1), along the river course, climb up to Tossignano to admire Riva di San Biagio. Head back to visitors center.

Start: Casa del Fiume
Length: 15.7 km
Difference in height: 290 m
Duration: around 2 hours
Difficulty: medium – easy

To see

Casa del Fiume (1) Visitors’ Centre of Gyspum Vein Regional Park, where Santerno Valley shows off its unique geological features. In Tossignano (2), Palazzo Baronale (3) will be hosting a new Visitors’ Centre for the Park. The ramains of a Fortress (4) are witnesses of the complex hisotry of this strategic place: the remains are what is left by the last bombing of World War Second. Riva di Sab Biagio (5), visible from Tossignano, is one of the most characteristic views over Romagna Gypsum Vein.

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Workshops, didactic activities in Casa del Fiume (1). Traditional menus at Osteria Casa del Fiume Hostaria.


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