Start: 2 June 2019
End: 23 June 2019

Event Venue

Stadio Bruno Neri - 48018 Faenza

GPS: 44.2921895, 11.871173099999965

From Medieval jousts to Palio del Niballo, a long tradition in Faenza.

Palio del Niballo, or Niballo, is one of the most ancient and best known Medieval jousts. The final event takes place event 4th Sunday in June.

Taking part in the competition are 5 “knights”, one from every distric of the town, called rioni: Borgo Durbecco or White rione, Yellow Rione (Porta Ponte), Black rione (Porta Ravegnana), Red Rione (Porta Imolese) and Green rione (Porta Montanara).

The competition consists in hitting with a spear a 8cm target located in the “hands” of Niballo, a puppet which owes its name to Annibal of Carthage. Of course, all of this riding a galloping horse!

Many are the events developing around Palio del Niballo: Flag tournament, Bigorda d’oro tournament and the Knights Oath.

Every night of the weeks before Palio, celebrations, parties and propitiatory dinners are held in the headquarters of rioni.

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Info: +39 0546 691651

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