Start: 11 May 2019
End: 12 May 2019

Event Venue

Old Town - 48018 Casola Valsenio (RA)

GPS: 44.22376089999999, 11.623818300000039

2019 randonnée to remember Alfredo Oriani’s feat.

Graziano Foschi and Alberto Padovani, with their passion for cycling and randonnée, laid the basis for this event, during the celebrations of the 120 years from Oriani’s adventure, as told in “La bicicletta”, one of the most beautiful and passionated book dedicated to bicycles

The story says that cyclotourism was born in Italy: on June 12th 1897 twelve cyclists from Rome left the city at the sunrise with the aim of reaching Naples before sunset.

Nine of them completed the journey and the newspapers from the time celebrated the cyclists as “audacious”. Some days later, a group of cyclists from Naples repeated the ride in opposite direction: on that occasion was instituted the first “Audax Group”, a group of athletes capable of completing 200km by bike in just one day.

Alfredo Oriani, who always traveled alone, found a companion for his trip: Aldo Orlandi, who unexpectedly did not show at the start. Oriani waited a couple of minutes and then left on his journey, with his suitcase hanging from the bicycle crossbar.

To honor and remember the feat of the famous “casolano”, on May 11th and 12th 2019, a 600km randonnée called “1000 of Oriani” will take place, starting and finishing in Casola Valsenio.

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