Start: 8 September 2019
End: 8 September 2019

Event Venue

Castel San Pietro Terme

GPS: 44.400483659682145, 11.589769598730527

Set in the Castellan September

The Carrera Autopodistica and the Sagra della Braciola are the highlights of the Castellan September castellano.
La Carrera, in short, is a push-cart relay.
The pusher alternates in two races, just like a Palio, with the teams and the fans that make this sporting event exciting.

The vehicles (“macchinine”, or “carrere”) are unique high-tech pieces, made with innovative materials thanks to decades of in-depth studies on aerodynamics and weight distribution. The event engages hundreds of people all year round: technical tests and dedicated workouts, to run a few minutes in September.

In Piazza Acquaderni, the traditional flavors of castrato will be available throughout the day.
In the Locanda della Città Slow in the Parco Lungosillaro, starting at 7:00 pm, the kitchens will be open.
With many castellan specialties to be tasted.

For more information visit their website.

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Castel San Pietro Terme

At the foot of the green hills on the border between Emilia and Romagna, there is Castel San Pietro Terme, a city strongly vocated to thermal and…