Inizia: 22 Ottobre 2022
Finisce: 13 Novembre 2022

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The city of Imola and the surrounding area dress up to celebrate Bacchus, the god of wine, during the month of November.

The Baccanale is the most important enogastronomic festival of Imola, where you can discover and appreciate the different nuances of taste, gastronomy and the pleasures of the table. Therefore, food and typical products are the stars of the event, but there is also culture and fun. The streets and squares become a theater for shows, the historic buildings offer interesting exhibitions and routes and restaurants organize meetings with chefs, artists and producers, all united by the desire to treat food and table in a non-trivial and non-repetitive way.
Each edition is dedicated to a particular theme, to which all the restaurants partake with a menu designed and created ad hoc.

2022 edition is dedicated to “Ripieni”: fillings, stuffings and all sorts of pasta, meat or vegetable that is filled with some tasty stuffing.

For more information and a list of restaurants and their menus visit: click here.

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