IF in Berlin for IBT, Faenza and Argillà’s promotion in the forefront

IF in Berlin for IBT, Faenza and Argillà’s promotion in the forefront

From March 7th to 11th a delegation from IF Imola Faenza Tourism Company participated in Berlin’s IBT, one of the largest and most important international exhibitions. They were hosted in the booth run by Enit – Stand of Emilia-Romagna.

IBT consisted of 26 promotional pavilions with over 160,000 visitors in attendance in 2017.
The exhibition space for Emlia-Romagna, organized by Apt Servizi Emilia-Romagna, was located in a great place inside Italy’s pavilion. The area measured 180 square meters, divided into stations for private operators from the region (aside from IF there were 27 other representatives from the region) and three desks for the promotion of tourist destinations.

The exhibition space was also personalized with images of the main tourism draws, namely: Motor, Food and Wellness valley.
In this edition, which was considered useful to take part in due to the increase in arrivals and numbers of foreign tourism, particular emphasis was placed on the presentation of the Argillà 2018 edition, the Festival International Ceramics Exhibition and Market to tour operators. Since Germany was the host country of this edition, it seemed only fitting to highlight these activities with its rich cultural program dedicated (events, exhibitions, conferences) and facilities for the German potters who will participate in the exhibition market.
Faenza and the Argillà 2018 event were the main draws, even among the exhibition area of Cultural Routes of Council of Europe” dedicated to the “European Route of Ceramics”.

At the fair, professionals from IF formed a close relationship with 10 Italian partners between Emilia-Romagna, other Italian regions and 30 foreign ones (Germany, USA, Holland, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Georgia, Norway, India), through promotional-marketing activities, workshops and targeted meetings.

The proposals of our territory that have aroused the greatest interest were the engines of the Autodromo di Imola (tours, competitions / events and business meetings), visits to the land of motors, driving activities and entertainment for corporate incentives, food&wine (wine tours and cooking classes), culture from the MIC Faenza ceramics museum (in addition to Argillà), visiting the fortresses and historical centers; active holidays with the Romagna4Bike cycle, trekking routes in Parco Vena del Gesso.